The Institute of Geography and Geoecology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences

Mission and Vision

  • Vision

We aim to become a leading inter-disciplinary research institution through concrete progress towards sustainable development by increasing development-oriented research and services.

  • Mission and Goal

Our mission is to promote sustainable development through understanding the impact of global change on our environment, society and economy of Mongolia; developing multi-sectoral innovations; and implementing knowledge-based management. Our goals are:

  1. Research, assess and map the impacts of Global change on our environment, resources and human livelihoods;
  2. Test, introduce and transfer technologies and innovations to support nature conservation and sustainable natural resource management;
  3. Develop public awareness and attitudes towards nature conservancy.
  • Values

Our values are human, knowledge and information. We are creating equity in participation, accessibility of information and open an environment for all. As an interdisciplinary research institution we support, strengthen and develop both inter- and intra-organizational capacity.

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